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Sunday, February 05, 2006

make yer own damn iVag! instructions

You can make one of your own, or I’ll sell you one for $25 (including mailing.) Write me to buy or ask questions:
phoebe (at) thevaginablogs (dot) com I can also email you a paypal request so you can buy it online, or go through etsy.

Basically, I just create a square just under 2x the size of the MP3 player that needs cozying (because it will stretch to size later in use.)

I use double yarn for nice thickness, and a good dc stitch. Go with your preference, though.
I join the bottom end of the square with an extra row (but leave an “anus” at the bottom for the charger.)
Add an inner labia in a contrast color, then I make the outer labia.
Next, cap it off with some pube-type yarn.
I also add a little bit of permanent fabric glue to any of the knots/tie-off ends to prevent fraying or unraveling.
Last, sew on a button of some sort and make a braided loop to close over the button. It is important to consider the placement of that loop so that you don’t block the headphone/media jack or the hold button. Double– check different players as these things are located in different places.

Smurfette's vagina?
step-by-step pictures coming soon, I swear...


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