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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Crafty Wonderland this Sunday!

Please repost/forward/tell everyone you know in PDX!

This Sunday, Mother's Day on May 14th (11am to 4pm) is a super fantastical event at Doug Fir (830 E. Burnside) in Portland called Crafty Wonderland. Please come by and check it out and help me get the word out! It's free, it's gonna be super mega fun- there's even a DIY table where you can make you're own stuff for free! More at crafty wonderland website

Monday, April 24, 2006

truly feminst sexy

is also truly sexy feminism

Ducky DooLittle

Be sure to check out the 264 ways to say vagina under articles, then curious. I'd give you a link, but it's that weird frames crap where you can't give a direct link to the frame without it being all gunked up.
Jen Davison brought this to my attention. Ducky is rad!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

vagina crafts on etsy

This is what happens when you enter "vagina" in the search box in etsy:

Hooray! But, it didn't snag the purses mentioned before. People need to vag tag their goods.

Team vagina patch:

Monday, March 27, 2006

some vag stuff on the web

Jen found this amazingly grody product– perfume guaranteed to smell like… It’s called vulva or something and it’s from Germany I think. I don’t remember the url, and it’s def NSFW...

Other crochet/handmade vag sites– the first one is a favorite of mine on etsy
aunt rubys special purse by Knit Happens

Monday, February 27, 2006

The vagina monologues @ PSU

"Portland State University and Portland Community College Women’s Resource Centers present a benefit for the Tri-County Sexual Assault Taskforce and the Illumination Project."

I made a lamp entitled "lampgina" and it sold right away during the first performance. All of the cash- even my cost went to the event and non-profits, so that felt really good. It also felt good to get the ego-boost of having people paw the lamp and see that they really dug it.

I tried to sell iVags at PSU during the Vagina Monologues, but it didn’t go so well. I sold one– and to another vendor so I sold one for $5 and a tank top that says “Got Cunt.” I like the tank top, though. I sold a bunch of vagina-themed marble magnets and some giant underwear. People seemed to really like them, but maybe they didn’t want to drop that kindof cash after paying to get into the show?

It was quite a treat to get to see the performance. Seeing it a couple of times was impressive as the cast was spot on yet really in-tune with their audiences each time. I also made friends with some really nice, very talented glass-blowing hippies. They make really great stuff, including
some little glass vaginas! Here's their etsy shop:

Jubilant Glassworks Fine Art Glass and Jewelery

Anneliese came with me on Sunday night and bought a pendant from them that looks better every time I see her. It's kindof candy-like and very intruiging. It's quite a compliment that it captures anyone's attention away from her giant cleavage.

Friday, February 24, 2006

iVag in the Portland Mercury!

The iVag made an appearance in the Portland Mercury today. It was very exciting. I found out about it at the first show at the PSU production of the Vagina Monologues. A bunch of girls came up and said "oh yeah, I saw that in the paper today" or variations of that. I totally blushed and got excited. Thanks for the mention, Ezra!

The Best of iPod Cases

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

the iVag

I crochet little cozies for ipods in the likeness of vaginas. I’m currently making them for the regular ipod and the nano. Making them for the nano is a bitch, though. So I probably wont go crazy making those unless someone wants one really badly.

This idea came to me when I started making ipod cozies for my friends for Christmas. I didn’t just want a sock, and I wanted something that could fulfill these desires I have when using my ipod:

ïI want to touch my ipod. The rubbery skin thingy I had did protect it, but made it feel like a gross rubber toy.

ïI want access to the click-wheel (now dubbed the “clit-wheel”).

ïI want something soft, cute, handmade, and I like a novelty gimmick too.

ïI really wanted something that would keep my headphones stored in some way, too. Now I can secure the cable with the button and loop, and I can tuck the ear-buds safely into the labia!